Integrated and Holistic approach to personnel and HR related matters throughout Russia

Take advantage of the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your business by potentially up to 50% in 30 days through appraisals, training and motivation of your personnel!

Learn how to evaluate(or profile) a professional in 20 minutes by downloading the user manual on how to conduct an x-ray of the interview.

According to studies, only 20-25% of employees are effective and only 16%
of them are in their appropriate roles or place of work


of employees account
for 80% of the results*


of the staff create the appearance of work and demoralizes other team members**


of the time the staff, including TOP management, is spent inefficiently***


of staff work half-heartedly**


of staff are not in appropriate roles or place of work and need external motivation****

*the Pareto principle
**independent study American Institute of Public Opinion
***according to research by the Institute of training "ARB Pro"
**** according to Hunter & Schmidt

54% of managers mistakenly believe their company is performing effectively
Answer 6 simple questions and find out how things are really working in YOUR company:

Unfortunately, your talent management system is inefficient and needs serious analysis and improvement.

We recommend you to pay attention to the process of learning and “onboarding” of employees and to revise the system of material and non-material motivation.

Get a free consultation on effective management of staff. You can get this today!

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You have a good talent management system!

However, to obtain a more complete picture, we recommend You to analyse the efficiency of your employees.

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HR analysis

Does the productivity of your staff decrease when you are on holiday or on a long business trip?

How many new employees leave your company within the first 2 months of work?

Does the staff expenditure in your company exceed 25% of the profits?

Is the staff turnover rate in your organization greater than 10% per year?

Do your employees perform less than 80% of the tasks?

How often do Your employees arrive late at work or go home early?


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effectiveness for free!

Want to minimize the risks? Learn what mistakes to avoid when hiring higher and middle level managers

Tired of wasting time and money in finding the right specialist? Take advantage of the free service – expert advice!

Check applicants for their suitability before proceeding ?

use the service for free
  • Describeor identify the business challenge.

  • 3-5 experts from our closed database of job seekers will offer you solution problems

  • You choose the solution and have the opportunity to meet personally with the candidate who offered the best solution.

  • You can employ him (her).

Screen out unsuitable candidates in the early stages

of the interview help to develop the system of motivation and adaptation of new employees, reducing possible risks.

  • years experience recruiting
  • applicants in a
    closed database
  • Using more than 7 methods
    of personnel assessment
  • months extended warranty
  • month guarantee for each candidate
  • If we do not achieve a result we will fully refund the fee (money)
  • Operating throughout
  • Ability to search abroad for candidates
  • Evaluation of staff and
    job seekers
  • Staff evaluation 6 methods helps to identify the skills, knowledge and competencies of employees, to make a smart redeployment, and to form a detailed plan of their development and motivation
    • The assessment center

    • Individual assessment

    • Rapid assessment

    • Assessment of team effectiveness

    • Assessment method 360/180 degrees

    • Development of a competency model

    • Detailed reports on staff evaluation. You will be able to make the best decisions on hiring, dismissals, development and redeployment.

    • You can develop an effective system of motivation and development of employees, based on facts. You just have to trust the professionals and then watch your sales grow and see the improvement of your business in general.

    • Help grow the TOP managers within the company. You achieve the desired result without unnecessary costs of search and “onboarding” of applications.

    Do you doubt the need for assessment?
    Rate 3 of your employees for free!

    to assess the staff Learn about employee performance evaluations, read more
  • Staff recruitment
  • Our unique database of candidates and with over 8 years of experience in selection and assessment will help you to select managers in middle and senior management across many industries
    • Make a ‘skills portrait’ for the ideal candidate to searching in market

    • Evaluate the candidates using 7 specific methods, and thus screen out “unsuitable” ones

    • Create a short list of final candidates and conduct ‘competency interviews’

    • We create a profile for each candidate

    • We arrange the interview with the client

    • We help with “onboarding” and training your new employee

    • We take care of drafting all job descriptions, selecting the best candidates from 100-500 applicants. In this way You will be able to ficus your time and energy on more important tasks.

    • We request references from the applicant’s previous employers.

    • If necessary, we engage experts, with experience in your sector, to interview professional competence and prepare an evaluation report and recommendation for each candidate.

    • We take on the part of the burden of “onboarding” and training of new employees, which will show real results within 1 month.

    • If within 3 months you conclude that the candidate is not right for you, we will find a new one.

    Do you doubt the need for learning?
    Learn more about the expert Council

    Learn about the service Learn about recruitment
  • Training and Adaptation
  • We have our own unique methods for onboarding and training of staff, as well as an active database of professional business coaches and together this should enable visible results already within the first month
    • We can co-create a system of incentives that will improve the productivity of workers by potentionally up to 50%. We can maintain this system and it wil have a measurable impact.

    • We can co-create a system of incentives that will improve the productivity of workers by potentionally up to 50%. We can maintain this system and it wil have a measurable impact.

    • We teach 10 programs for effective management and mentoring. These are aimed at improving personal and professional competencies of leaders of all levels.

    • Train employees and managers of the sales Department for B2B and B2C segments with 11 specialized programs.

    • We conduct seminars and training for department heads and managers, inviting the best business coaches in Russia.

    Do you doubt the need for learning?
    Do you doubt the need for learning?

    Dates for the next workshops Learn more about our training programs
  • Outplacement
  • Encourage the loyalty of an employee in order to avoid the need to use outplacement services and in this way to prevent the disclosure of trade secrets
    • Assessment specialist and resume services

    • Design of cover letters and references

    • Advice on job search and psychological support

    • Tips on how to conduct successful interviews

    Why do companies use outplacment services?

    • prevents litigation from fired and disgruntled employees.

    • allows you to provide advice to a former employee, in the hope that (s)he will remain loyal to your firm.

    • helps to avoid stress and psychological discomfort for employee being dismissed.

    • reduces or completely eliminates the compensation for dismissal.

    • prevents disclosure of trade secrets and other confidential information about the company.

    • increases the loyalty of the remaining employees, as they will be assured that in case of redundancy they too will be helped to find a new job.

    • enhances the image and reputation of the company in the labour market.

  • Expert Council
  • Solve Your business problem with the help of experts
    with 7 years of experience in your area for free!!
    • You provide a subject and formulate a question

    • 3-5 experts offer some solutions

    • You choose the best solution and close the question

    • If you want, you can continue to cooperate with the expert or to hire him/her as an employee

    • We have access to over 5000 experts from different areas and they will be happy to help you solve the problem.

    • 50 000 - 100 000 rubles - the nominal value of such services, you get absolutely free!

    • 7 years - average experience of experts in different business areas.

    • You will be able to continue to cooperate with any expert and invite him to work on a project (or to hire him/her as an employee).


  • Will I lose my money ?

    No. If within the specified contract period we can find you a suitable candidate, we will refund the money.

    We specialise on the selection of professionals and middle managers, as well as find unique and highly specialised candidates. Our database contains over 5,000 professionals.

    Multi-stage selection process with 6 methods of assessment and selection of personnel allows you to select only those applicants who best meet the competencies of the position.

  • Can you find a specialist in my field on interest ?

    We are interested in the fact that the employee is not just working in your company but is also working efficiently. Therefore, we offer assistance in creating motivation system, adaptation and staff training

  • What if the employee has worked for only 2 months and then quits ?

    We are interested in the fact that the employee is not just working in your company, but is also working efficiently. So we compilea portrait of the ideal candidate, test candidates on various competencies and arrange an interview with you. We appreciate your time andwant to avoid that you spend it on candidates that clearly do not fit.You then choose candidates among these selected and screened professionals.

  • Why within 14 days? Other firms offer candidates the next day!

    Find out how to evaluate ?a professional in 20 minutes download manual for conducting x-ray interview!

  • In which cities in Russia you organize offline training?

    We work throughout Russia. We are ready to travel anywhere in the country.

  • How can I be reassured about your company’s capabilities ?

    To convince about our capabilities, we provide several free services: a) evaluation of 3 of your employees using Express methods, b) an expert Council, which will advise on solutions to performance issues as well as c) free expert advice on how to manage your staff more effectively.

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